Al-Mosul Center for Culture and Sciences conducted a Field Survey on the Attitudes of Residents of Mosul Regarding Reconstruction of the Old City of Mosul.The field survey team achieve more than 2000 interviews in different areas of Mosul city, where the outcome of this scientific activity came out with the following conclusions and recommendations:


Field survey results are concluded in the following points:

1-      Muslawi people, in general, are willing to know about the plans regarding the reconstruction process of the Old City of Mosul.

2-      The willingness of constructing modern buildings and complexes for the Residents of the Old City.

3-      The willingness of preserving the Old City as a residential area with investing in some parts of the city for other purposes like entertainment and tourism which will add more job opportunities.

4-      The willingness of protecting and preserving what is left from the archaeological sites and include these sites in the reconstruction process

5-      The willingness of preserving the identity of Old City through designing buildings that have the same shape as it was before destruction

6-      The willingness of getting foreign experts to participate in the process of reconstruction

7-      The willingness of protecting civil rights for people of the Old City and bringing back its social fabric.

8-      The willingness of supporting Residents who are affected by the war against IS financially and preserving their civil rights.

9-      The willingness of protecting the environment from pollution during the reconstruction process.


1-      The Field survey represents the foundation and a full view about the reconstruction process that might be done in the near future. It should be taken into account by the authorities whom are going to supervise the reconstruction process.

2-      An overall plan of the reconstruction of Old City should be based on the results and conclusions of the field survey. This plan should be done through the Ministry of Planning in cooperation with Ministry of Municipalities for Housing and Construction and with the Provincial Council of Ninawa in addition to NGOs and the investing companies.

3-      Forming coordination committees to deal with the investors whom are going to patriciate in the reconstruction process of the Old City. The investors may include official government institutes, NGOs, and private investing companies.



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